The number of women Veterans in our nation is currently at 1.8 million – an all-time high and a number that continues to grow.

The Challenge:

Organizations that offer assistance and programming that is specific to the needs of women Veterans are limited in number and are many times unable to assist due to limited means.

How Camp Shield is making a difference:

Camp Shield has listened to the heart of women Veterans, the concerns of men Veterans as it relates to their women counterparts, Veteran supporters, partner organizations, and donors for over six years. These conversations revealed a lack of resources created BY women Veterans, FOR women Veterans that address emotional, social, and physical wounds. These unseen wounds have contributed to a lower quality of life, emotional instability, and a lack of social engagement as seen in communities across the nation. Camp Shield is working to address these wounds and improve the lives of women Veterans.

Join us in our efforts as we continue to connect with this population to assist, develop and celebrate the personal and professional successes of women Veterans and their families.